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With today's new technology, we are here to keep all vehicle systems functioning normally

1. Cooling

Hoses, pumps and radiators. We do it all. Don’t get heated up, we will keep you cool!

2. Ignition

From simple points distributors to high-tech “coil on plug” systems, we can keep your ignition system in good shape and your engine running properly.

3. ABS

Stop safely. If your ABS light is on, you may not stop as soon as you needed to. Let us keep you braking safely.

4. SRS / Airbag

We can keep your vehicle’s safety devices working. Most airbags, side curtain, crash sensors and modules get monitored by your vehicle’s computer, so call us if your airbag light is on. We can troubleshoot to ensure your safety.  

5. Brakes

We offer the best service on your vehicles brakes. Quality pads and rotors that meet or exceed “OE” quality.

6. Fuel

With all the different fuels today,  be assured that we can help you with your gasoline fuel systems as well as bio-diesel, LPG, CNG, and hydrogen.

7. Emissions

With todays emission standards, we can help you to keep your car running clean. We service all emission systems for all vehicles including diesels and hybrids.




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